Don't You Want to Breakaway?

The Breakaway Point is a dichotomy, polar opposites, a divine mistake of the gods. Consisting of 2 members J-La and Magir they span the range of human emotions, from disgust to love and from anger to happiness, there is no where these 2 don't reach.

Meeting by chance many years ago they instantly clicked finding another soul who had the same passion for music as the other. Understanding no one could see their vision and from their personal need to create they pieced together their own studio. Pieces carefully selected and painstakingly hand crafted, they possessed the tools to unleash what they were capable of.

Present day, people have been disturbed, saddened, depressed, related, touched and happy from their music. Hate it or love it, but you cannot deny their art.

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

Know when it’s best to walk away..

"God is for the ones that remain in the cage. He is the last hope of the desperate. He can never bring happiness, he can only make it acceptable to live in misery." - The Breakaway Point

An introduction to The Breakaway Point’s Philosophy

Happy 2,000 views Memoirs of a Man!

Don’t forget, TODAY is The Breakaway Point’s FIRST outdoor show at EDNOC (77 Edmonton St off of Broadway).
It’s a FREE show! Starts at 3:00 - 5:00